Monday, 2 November 2020

Thinking Of Moving Into A Victorian Retirement Village

For those Victorians thinking of moving into a Retirement Village these documents lodged with Engage Victoria in the review of the Victorian Retirement Villages Act are a must read.

It must be noted here that -

72% of retirement villages are owned by commercial for-profit operators. Past years of an industry full  of benevolent not-for-profit operators are well past.

74% of retirement village residents do not occupy their units on a freehold basis, simply a conditional right to occupy.

These documents contain various suggested legislative changes required to protect Victorian retirees entering retirement villages. All are written by someone who has lived the experience, not just studied it from the outside or accepted the singular self interest view of industry representatives.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Walking On The Graves Of Victorians Speech

Walking On The Graves Of Victorians Speech by Victorian federal politician Josh Frydenberg.

The words below although not written by me accurately sum up how I and many Victorians feel today.   

After the grossly insulting 'Walking on the graves of Victorians' speech by Josh Frydenberg in federal parliament even more so. 


Remember the people who said Covid-19 was a hoax.

Remember the people who said under 5 was impossible.

Remember the people who said zero was impossible.

Remember the people who said Sweden was the Covid-19 model. 

Remember the people who said the old should be sacrificed for the young.

Remember the people who said schools were completely safe.

Remember the people who said herd immunity was the goal.

Remember the people who said hydroxychloriquine was a cure.

Remember the people who put their wealth above lives. 

Remember the people who said 'come out from under the doona'.

Remember the people who said Melbourne was at breaking point.

Remember the people who profiteered from JobKeeper.

Remember the people who profiteered from Aged Care.

Remember the people who sought to undermine and divide.

Remember the people who said it was just a touch of flu.

Remember the people who said it wasn't very contagious.

Remember the people who said we can live with it.

Remember the people who said it would just go away.

Remember the people who left non-citizens to starve.

Remember the people who bridled at every step.

Remember. Never trust them again. Remember.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

What Is Wrong With Victorian Retirement Villages

 What is wrong with Victorian Retirement Villages - 

The critical importance of retirement village resident submissions to Victorian state government inquiries is that they are actually living the experience and not just studying it. They know what is wrong because they have experienced it, suffered from it. 

They found that there is almost zero protection when something goes wrong, or the system to obtain that protection is so cumbersome, so demanding of them that surrender is ultimately the chosen option.

All this from a Victorian government that fails to enforce the law as it is currently written, let alone to improve it to protect the very people it was originally written for.

"The law was clearly on the side of the village residents. It was a lack of access to affordable, quick, decisive enforcement of the law the failed them most." -

Retirement villages, the process of for-profit operators seeking financial reward from this commercial activity under the guise of the benevolent provision of retirement housing for older Victorians. Sadly and particularly in Victoria the commercial risks are dampened by statute whilst the commercial rewards are enhanced by statute. For village residents it is the complete opposite, the risks are enhanced by statute whilst the rewards are dampened by statute.

"Families need to be aware that what we are talking about here is the transfer of intergenerational wealth, not to families, but into the pockets of large multi-nationals. Shame about elderly people not having enough money for aged care." 
Tom Gait, Retirement Village Residents Association.

So what is wrong with Victorian retirement villages? the answer is the State Government, Legislators. 

The collective failure of legislators to listen to the very people who know what is wrong, where it goes wrong and how to fix it, the village residents. The village residents are the only ones who are living the impacts of poor legislation, sub-standard management practices, unlawful practices and the failure of the responsible authority to enforce the law as currently written.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Lifestyle Village Rent Hikes Unfair

New Lending Rules Recipe For Disaster

Jobseeker Applications Continue To Increase

Family Home Best Option For Retirees

Peasants To Make Way For Profits

Raise The Jobseeker Rate

Older Women Renters Struggling

Function of Government

The role of government is to create an environment for commerce to function whilst at the same time protecting retirees and particularly vulnerable retirees from both financial and emotional harm emanating from that function.

The Victorian Retirement Villages Act 1986 provides the environment for commerce to function but fails to fully protect retirees from financial and emotional harm as a result of it.

The Victorian legislative definition of a retirement village in demanding the payment of an 'in-going' amount without the transfer of property ownership is a major contributor to that financial and emotional harm suffered by retirees.

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