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The Case for Retirement Village Reform - In Pictures

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The file can be downloaded here - The Case For Retirement Village Reforms - In Pictures
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Community Backlash For Actions Of Anglican Bishop

The Weekly Source reports -

"A proposed merger of aged care homes Kellock Lodge in Alexandra and St John’s Village in Wangaratta – where 10 residents died in last year’s flu outbreak – has Alexandra locals voicing their opposition at a community meeting.

They have been backed by three of Kellock’s eight directors in a public letter, stating that given the facility has $9 million in the bank, the accreditation issues have been resolved and the community support, there is no “reasonable or defendable rationale” to support the merger."

Read the full story here -

The 'Friends of Kellock Lodge' group have an on-line petition which can be accessed here -

Monday, 16 July 2018

Legislative Change Needed for Victorian Retirement Villages

The push continues to revise the definition of a retirement village in the Victorian Retirement Village Act 1986 to make all cost inclusive residential tenancy contracts the mandatory first offer.

  • This will provide transparent and thereby lower cost rates for future retiree lessees.
  • Would allow retirees to rent, when they do not have the capital to loan interest free to the developers.
  • It will simplify and shorten contracts so that they are more acceptable
  • It will introduce free market competition.
  • It will free up family housing in the community.
  • Should increase the retirement village uptake rate presently quoted at 5.7% of over 65 year olds compared to 15% in the USA.
The NSW government has made a change to their act which allows residential tenancy within a defined retirement village.

The main area of contention is that retirees must pay an in-going contribution that in Victoria cannot be rent. The phrase 'cannot be rent' has been removed from the NSW Act.

legislation change need for retirement villages

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Residential Tenancy Within Retirement Villages

Victoria is lagging behind New South Wales in regard to a residential tenancy agreement within retirement villages.

The Victorian legislation defines the ingoing payment by 'whether in a lump sum or by instalments but does not include rent', accommodation by way of a residential tenancy cannot be offered by the operator.

NSW legislation does not include the phrase 'but does not include rent' thereby allowing an operator to provide accommodation in a defined retirement village by way of a residential tenancy agreement.

There has been long term grass roots advocacy in Victoria for an amendment to the legislation.

residential tenancy in retirement villages

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Help Save Kellock Lodge

The Friends Of Kellock Lodge group have started an online petition to keep the heart & soul of Kellock Lodge in Alexandra.

The petition can be signed at this link -

The Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta through Bishop John Parkes is threatening to merge the St. Johns Aged Care facility in Wangaratta with the Kellock Lodge Aged Care facility in Alexandra.

Both facilities are on land owned by the diocese however the people of Alexandra state that the establishment of Kellock Lodge was fully funded locally and that in the 30+ years of operation the Wangaratta Diocese has never been called upon to contribute to operational costs. Large numbers of the residents of Alexandra and district believe the proposed merger is simply a means of propping up the facility in Wangaratta.
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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Creswick Retirement Village Fire

In related articles both The Courier and The Weekly Source report on a fire in a retirement village in Creswick Victoria, one unit was destroyed and two others damaged.

The articles point out the heightened dangers from fires in villages and the need for full safety measures inclusive of an evacuation plan and an evacuation assembly point.

Currently in Victoria there is no legislative requirement for a retirement village operator to have an emergency evacuation plan or an emergency assembly point.

retirement village emergency evacuation

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Things You Need To Know About Aged Care

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Rachel Lane of Aged Care Gurus sets out some very important distinctions between an Aged Care facility and a Retirement Village.

In the article Rachel Lane states:-

"The first lesson in this story is that retirement villages and aged care facilities are not the same thing. Retirement villages operate under completely separate, state-based rules, while aged care facilities operate under federal legislation. The rules governing their legal and financial arrangements are as different as apples and oranges.

Just because you are a resident of a co-located village doesn’t necessarily give you priority or make you the “next cab off the rank. "

This important story can be read in full here -

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Case For Retirement Village Reform In Pictures

Retirement Village reforms have been a hot topic since the ABC 4 Corners program 'Bleed Them Dry Until They Die' in 2017.

This 15 page e-book shows the need for retirement village reforms by showing the financial impacts upon retirees on entering a retirement village more in pictures (tables) rather than words.

The book can be read here

or downloaded here -

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The Case for Retirement Village Reform - In Pictures

Click 'Fullscreen' to read and page controls -

The file can be downloaded here - The Case For Retirement Village Reforms - In Pictures
Alternate - The Case For Retirement Village Reforms - In Pictures