Saturday, 28 April 2018

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria Assisting in Retirement Village Disputes

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria advises DSCV assisting in retirement village disputes.

"DSCV will now provide appropriate dispute resolution services for retirement village residents or management who need assistance.

Previously, Consumer Affairs Victoria provided a conciliation service for disputes between a resident and a manager, while disputes between residents could be taken to DSCV.

Consumer Affairs Victoria will continue to educate retirement village operators and managers about their legal obligations, and address any breaches of the law.

Residents and managers can still contact Consumer Affairs Victoria for information on their rights and responsibilities, including the steps they can take if there is a dispute.

Consumer Affairs Victoria recommends that residents and managers should first try to resolve any complaint or dispute through the village’s internal dispute resolution scheme.

For more information on legal obligations for retirement village operators and managers, visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

For information about the range of dispute resolution services provided by DSCV, visit our mediation page."

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