Function of Government

The role of government is to create an environment for commerce to function whilst at the same time protecting retirees and particularly vulnerable retirees from both financial and emotional harm emanating from that function.

The Victorian Retirement Villages Act 1986 provides the environment for commerce to function but fails to fully protect retirees from financial and emotional harm as a result of it.

The Victorian legislative definition of a retirement village in demanding the payment of an 'in-going' amount without the transfer of property ownership is a major contributor to that financial and emotional harm suffered by retirees.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Heartbroken AVEO Retirement Village Residents

The Courier Mail reports -

"ONE of Australia’s largest retirement village operators Aveo Group has denied accusations of elder abuse against residents of an inner-Brisbane village.
Residents of Newmarket Aveo Village claim the company’s conduct over its planned redevelopment of their homes has left many of them “wishing to die”.
They allege Aveo Group turned their “quiet, happy, functional place” into a “nightmare retirement” that is like the “drip-drip-drip of Chinese water torture or the death of a thousand cuts”.
The company has denied the claims or any knowledge of allegations of elder abuse or exploitative conduct against it."

Read the full story here -

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